Probiotic Enzyme


What attack oil palm plantation??

Problem facing oil palm industry. Prevailing incurable oil palm disease called BASAL STEM ROT (BSR). BSR usually affects matured palm is caused by a type of shelf or bracket fungus, GANODERMA BONISENSE is lethal and is incurable. If not detected early and no control measure taken, the affected trees may die within 15 to 18 months. It has also been reported that BSR disease is now present in more than 50% of the oil palm plantations in Peninsular Malaysia causing losses of 25% to 45% yield in fresh fruit bunches.



CMS – Gano Enzyme

(The efficient system to control Garnoderma’s inflection for oil palm plantation)


The usage of Gano Enzyme Treatment for Ganoderma’s infection


  • Do not mix with fungicides and chemical pesticides, including spraying system equipment. If the spraying system is unable to use separately, please use after proper cleaning.
  • Do not use the products before and after the spraying of pesticide in order to avoid the invalid of product’s effectiveness.
  • Avoid the intense sunlight when using the products.
  • Please do not spray after or before raining.
  • Please shake the products before using it.


For Infected Plant
Gano Enzyme A & B (Mixed)
Dilution :
Dosage (per plant) :
5L per praying (Diluted)
Method :
The application is once per week for two weeks long and later once per two months.
For Prevention
Gano Enzyme A & B (Mixed)
Dilution :
Dosage (per plant) :
3L per praying (Diluted)
Method :
The application is once per two months.


Experiment location and method


  • Location: Johor
  • Estate owner: Mr. Zhang Wei Ming
  • Date of implementation: 5/6/2010
  • Method: spraying on infected plant




  • Advanced  – Beneficial Microbial (ABM) is all natural
  • Consisting of 21 types of microbes.
  • Rich in trace elements and microbial enzymes.
  • Other biological benefits include antibiotics and growth hormones
  • Improves trees growth, increase plant resistance towards infection especially to fungus.



The advantages of CMS – GANO ENZYME or ARM


  • Prevents spore growth
  • In Vivo destruction of mycelium
  • Destruction of adults BSR
  • Stopping BSRs ability to produce spores
  • Eradicate fungus infection
  • Enhance plants growth
  • Enhance fruits quality
  • Not harmful to the plant itself



Results after using ABM System


  • Fungus necrosis & death
  • Eradication of spore after 1 week of application
  • No evidence of recurrence
  • No apparent deleterious effect towards the host plant.