Oil recovery system



  • Patented Lamella inserts with high packed plates
  • Auto feed and temperature control (PLC)
  • Surface area as much as 150sq. meters
  • Short retention time, maximum 1 hour
  • Acid proof stainless for inserts and stainless steel housing
  • Automatic in place cleaning

Oil Sep Side View

Oil Sep Top View


The System

The crude slurry from the CCOT is fed into the Oilsep. The feeding is done automatically and controlled at a consistent rate by PLC. The PLC is not only control the flow input but at the same time ensures that the temperature is maintained at the 90°C + 2°C optimum. This is to make sure that the oil quality does not deteriorate over time. Sometime if not control effectively, it can go up as high as 95°C to 100°C due to the human factor. The slurry will then go through a shearing effect through a set of Lamella inserts (especially design for palm oil separation). This lamella flow and shearing effect will separate the slurry into two distinct layers of oil and sludge oil respectively. This layer obtained is very stable due to the thermal dynamics balance of the controlled in feed. The consistent oil stability in the oil/sludge will enhance the purity of the recovered oil to the extent of 99.5% pure oil. Such purity obtained will imply that an oil purifies is not needed. The auto temperature control in the system further ensures that the characteristic of the palm oil is not destroyed. This temperature is maintained at 90°C + 2°C and this will help to maintain the higher DOBI value. At times, with the OLD system, temperature can go up as high as 100°C and if not control, it will destroy the oil.

The sludge is then fed into newly design CS tank to recover the oil further. This recovery can be as high as 2% to 3%, before the sludge is fed into the Centrifuge, Decanter or a Membrane Filter press system for SOLID RECOVERY. The oil content in the underflow of 4% to 5% will be achieved.


  • Oil recovery efficiency of up to maximum of 98% can be achieved
  • Fully automatics with feed control and temperature for system stability.
  • Improve quality of oil recovery
  • Improves OER from 0.3% to 0.5%
  • Equipment made of stainless steel for OILSEP
  • Do not need Oil Purifier
  • Reduces oil loses into effluent by as much as 50%

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Oil Skimmer

Model 6v Oil Recovery System

The Oil Skimmers Model 6v oil recovery system removes all kinds of floating oil from water. A closed-loop collector tube floats on the water surface, attracting oil but not water as it slowly snakes over and around debris. The tube is raised out of the water and drawn though the scrapers that remove the oil. The clean tube is returned to the water surface to gather more oil.

The Oil Skimmers Model 6V oil recovery system is uncomplicated, dependable and maintenance-free. It runs unattended 24 hours a day, seven days a week; it’s simple design prevents clogging. Several prefabricated mount systems extend the unit’s flexibility.


Oil Skimmer Model 6V