The plant

  • The compost/fertilizer plant is designed to convert a mixture of empty fruit bunch fiber, decanter solid and anaerobic digested sludge to high quality compost/fertilizer under controlled conditions. A PLC is used to regulate aeration of compost pile and maintain the pile temperature and humidity at desired level.
  • The key element of this compositing plant is the patented aeration floor to ensure consistent air supply and distribution throughout compost pile.
  • The plant is fully covered and the building is made of a pre-engineered hot dip galvanized trusses.



The benefits

    • Fully automated
    • Low operating cost
    • Good leachate management
    • All year round process odorless
    • Good Quality & Consistent Product
    • Low power requirement
    • Minimum space requirement: 25,000 ft (100ft [w] x 5ft [H] x 250ft [L])

Compost Building

Electrical Turner

Compost / Fertilizer





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