Biogas System

Compact In-Ground Anaerobic Reactor System

Compact in-ground anaerobic reactor (CIGAR) technology is uniquely designed lagoon process complete with mixes, baffles and HDPE cover. The CIGAR contain the organic rich POME is an anaerobic lagoon which optimizing the contact with anaerobic bacteria to convert the organic matters to biogas. The CIGAR system optimizes the mixing process to separate and capture the biogas, which is then collected in pipes, cleaned and stripped of hydrogen sulphide and fed to dedicated biogas engine. A typical CIGAR system treating POME of 60 tonees FFB/hr palm oil mill able to generate 3MW electricity.



  • Good reaction conditions
  • Effective odour control
  • Excellent flow butter
  • Easily connected to flare, boiler or gas engine

Cigar Lagoon Reactor

Scrubbers & Mixing Reactor

Gas Engines Room





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